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INSPIRATION FOR IMAGE CREATORS – Internship at Cooper & Gorfer

INSPIRATION FOR IMAGE CREATORS – Internship at Cooper & Gorfer

As a photographer, or any image maker, you can choose to sit around waiting for inspiration to pop up by itself. Personally, I’m a firm believer that feeling inspired is a state of mind you can teach yourself to find when you need it. So, what can we do to get started? I’m gathering and sharing my methods and favorite creators as a resource to help keeping our inspirational juices flowing. And I invite you along for this series of “INSPIRATION FOR IMAGE CREATORS”!

The very last thing we do at Fotoskolan Göteborg (Photo school Gothenburg) is 6 months of internship. When Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer (Cooper & Gorfer) stepped into our class room for a lecture at the beginning of our education I fell straight away for their amazing imagery and striking personalities. Taking me away to a far away place, both geographically and imaginary. Their images, that I would explain as a mix between photography and painting, tell stories that instantly made me feel that I wanted… needed… to do my internship with them.

Luckily for me, they wanted me as well. I’m so excited to try to pull my weight by their side and I’m sure these upcoming 6 months will rock!

You MUST go and get swept away by their work. Visit their website to view their art and images from exhibitions, books, etc, and go to agency Skarp to watch their more commercial work.

Image from Skarp.



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