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Let’s sail away!

  • Posted on: August 2, 2010
  • Categories: Personal

I feel like I’ve been reborn. The last year or so has been life changing, and it feels like each day I’m taking new big fresh breaths of life. Each of them I treasure, and I realize that I’ve started to have other perspectives of my presence on mother earth. And I feel the urge to put some (yeah yeah okey… a LOT) of them through the lens. I want to tell stories. Mine. Yours. The stranger’s with the crooked nose and the Russian accent by the counter at the French café. The fluffy caterpillar’s big adventure on its way through the forest of dandelions. Each fascinating story that I am lucky enough to be a spectator of.

I hope to share my stories with you. I also wish to put other aspects to them in this forum. I will use my Flickr and my website jennyjacobsson.com for my more public work, and this blog to comment and give you my views of what I create so that you know what is going on inside this whimsical head of mine. Also, I would like to share some behind-the-scenes footage to show “how I did it”, mostly for the fun of it but it would be an extra treat if it in any way would be helpful for others in their own work. Hey, I might even throw in some images from what is going on in my personal life as well. I have the optimal model victim here at home…. (don’t tell him yet ;-) ).

I stand before this blog as standing in front of the ocean. It’s big. It will surely be stormy. It will not be blue though. It’s even a bit scary. And it feels like freedom, like a fresh breeze of salty air and hundreds of new fragrances, like the huge space is there to be explored if I just jump into the boat and sail away.

So come on. Let’s sail away!


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