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On frog level

After a long journey flying from Sweden down to Marseilles, renting a car and having a road trip up along the gorgeous coast line of France, detouring through Saint Tropez and Cannes, me and my dear friend Hanna arrived in Juan Les Pines quite late at night. Here we were going to stay for a week with “the girl gang”, just enjoying life and feeling luxurious. And trust me, we did 🙂

Although the first thing I noticed when stepping out of the car and starting to pull my overweight bag over the pavement was… a tiny but very green frog, standing there in my way. Since I just loooove tiny little frogs I had to take a closer look, and I saw that there wasn’t only one. There were two! Mating! At first Hanna looked at me with worried eyes when I absolutely threw myself at the ground with my camera in my hand. But it didn’t take long before she was down there herself. So, before all the luxury started, I was spending my first minutes at the French Riviera flat on my stomach, in the middle of the night, sniffing asphalt, photographing one of nature’s wonders. And it was a perfect moment in time.





4 responses to “On frog level”

  1. Andreas Avatar

    Ett mycket vackert naturögonblick… i grodperspektiv. National Geographics ringer snart och vill ha ett omslag.


  2. Hanna Avatar

    Haha good times. Inga balkongbilder på wordpress bara 😉 XX

  3. Hanna Avatar

    We should go again, who knows what we might find 😉

  4. jennyjacobsson Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more Hanna 🙂

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