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On a trip through southern Sweden…

On a trip through southern Sweden…

…you will find the most extraordinary locations. We went to Skåne, the most southern part of Sweden, several times when I was a child. And sure, I liked it back then, but mostly because of the huge and awesome ice creams in Åhus and the sandy play friendly beaches. But during the trip this summer of 2011 I saw other features. The billowing hills. The fences crossing the vast expanses with a landscaping perfection. The low buildings characteristic for the area. And the sea constantly framing the beauty. And even tough it was almost constantly raining cats and dogs, I fell in love with it.

At the beach in Ängelholm I took the image above, “The homecoming”, for my 52 weeks project. But here are also some other frames from the Skåne trip.


Ales stenar – 67 m long and 19 m wide

Ängelholm beach

View from the hill of Ales stenar

I created The cherry picker on the shore of Kivik

The waiting was done at the beach of Skanör by the bathing huts

Andreas in the very charming and picturesque town of Ängelholm

Kungagraven (The King’s Grave) outside the small town of Kivik is 3300 years old

Sometimes you just have to roll with what you’ve got. This was our home on wheels for two days :)


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  1. Stig-Magnus Thorsén · March 11, 2012 Reply

    Stenarna och vägen – en hel historia. Underbart med bilder som använder kompositionen för att berätta.
    Tidens gång och molnens vandring över himlen – tänkvärt.
    En sprallig drottning i kungagraven.

  2. Therese · August 1, 2012 Reply

    And when is the result from the trip up north coming???

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