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A year to remember – 2012, part 1/4

What a marvelous year it was, 2012. So filled with new experiences, new friends, challenges, and most of all, love.…

Profile image Mollbyrån

The design and web development bureau Mollbyrån in Gothenburg (Göteborg) asked me to shoot the profile image for the website's About page (Om…

Pitch 2012 – assignment from Passivhus

Passivhuscentrum assigned the media sector of our school to create commercial campaigns for their work about "passivhus", i.e. energy effective and environmental…

JO! Models Fashion Project

We got a fashion assignment from JO! Models to create a still image and video campaign at the prospect of…

Post-processing a fairy tale

The girl and the secret within - This video is a Before & After as well as an accelerated showcase…
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