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‘THE ASCENT OF OUR DESCENT’ – imagining the effect our actions have on our environment

Just imagine what would happen if we continue like we do, and the sea levels rise.  Just imagine our coasts and their cities, whole islands and island nations, flooded. And with them ecosystems, entire species of plants and animals, in risk of endangerment when the ocean is claiming victims. It takes so little. Less than I personally had imagined. And it’s the result of our human-induced climate change. We are causing this risk. Isn’t it time for more of a global consequence thinking? We are all placed on this small planet. We only have the one. It’s about the choices we make today. We can not postpone acting.

‘The ascent of our descent – I’ and ‘The ascent of our descent – II’ are highly connected to the reflection about our environmental paradox I created in ‘The incongruity’. They are all part of my series ‘Parallels’ and can be VIEWED IN FULL SIZE ON MY PORTFOLIO SITE.


I’m so proud of and incredibly fortunate to have gotten the chance to work with the team behind these two images. When minds alike meet up there can certainly be sparks flying! Love you guys. And thank you.

photography |  JENNY JACOBSSON
hair stylist | JENNI WIMMERSTEDT





One response to “‘THE ASCENT OF OUR DESCENT’ – imagining the effect our actions have on our environment”

  1. Stig-Magnus Avatar

    Hej, Jag såg dessa nya bilder på Gothia Towers. Starka gestaltningar av villkoren för vårt fortsatta liv på jorden.

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