In the spotlight of ‘f11 Magazine’ – 27 page feature and interview

“Jenny Jacobsson is a Swedish photographer from the city of Gothenburg. Her mission is to create a narrative, using expressive and emotional imagery. From concept, through construction, capture and post production, her images hint at stories where the impossible really does becomes possible. It’s a far cry from her previous work in neurobiology and the satisfying result of a decision to follow her heart and embrace her passion for creating conceptual imagery.
Jenny Jacobsson – Storyteller

Tim Steele

That is the description for the big feature and interview in f11 Magazine, written by publisher and creative director Tim Steele. I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to be part of this amazing magazine written all the way from the other side of the globe, in New Zealand. In this October issue the magazine covers images taken from all across Australia (winning work from AIPP APPA Awards 2014), to the desert in southern Africa (Joshua Holko), finding its way to the northern climes of my home in Scandinavia, reflecting the global approach by f11. And it’s exciting!

Some of my favorite interview questions from the feature is

• Your subjects obviously inspire you to tell their stories, but what external sources also influence or inspire you?
• I see strong conceptual pre-visualisation in the creation of your images, does the idea always survive the migration to the capture process?

If it’s hard to read from the images, read the full 27 page feature and interview here:

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Issue 37 | October 2014 , page 94-120

I want to give a shout-out to Tim Steele, for being such a nice person and a terrific editor to work with. Thank you!

You can find more issues of f11 Magazine here and find them Twitter or Facebook here.

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